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How Effective Are Natural Skin Care Products?

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In the recent past, all natural, organic, edible, chemical-free, and food-grade are all words that have been used to describe some of the most popular trends in skin care. All natural skin care has become such a major industry that it’s understandable to wonder if it’s truly effective, or if the hype is mostly just marketing.

The Case for Natural Skin Care

Of course, the big reason why natural skin care enthusiasts are drawn to organic products is that they lack the chemicals that are present in most skin care products today. These chemicals are absorbed directly into the body through the skin when the product is applied; while the FDA assures us that these chemicals are safe, there has been no formal research done on the effect that these chemicals can have over an entire lifetime of skin care product application.

There are in fact many natural products that have been shown to achieve results. For many hundreds of years, women have been using lemon juice as a way to naturally lighten discolorations on the hands and face, as well as a way to naturally lighten hair. And products like coconut oil and honey definitely show a major improvement in the moisture that the skin retains. Aloe vera juice does in fact help heal cuts and burns, and there has even been proof that this juice can help get rid of small scars or stretch marks.

The Case Against Natural Skin Care

While the truly natural, single-ingredient treatments listed above have been shown to help the skin, it’s the exotic trendy products that are often called into question. For example, there was a trend a few years back of using both human and cow placenta to improve the appearance of the skin. Because placenta from any animal contains a lot of hormones, this can actually be harmful to your health, and the effectiveness of this product on the skin hasn’t been proven.

What You Can Do Instead

Using a few basic pantry items to treat yourself to a moisturizing spa day is a great idea. But if you want real results – to get rid of sun spots, to firm up sagging skin or wrinkles, or to make dull skin shine like new – then you need to use medical-strength products and services. These types of results are not going to happen due to simply wiping a product over the surface of the skin. They require a product or service that goes into the layers of the skin, such as microdermabrasion or laser resurfacing. These are services that we can offer here at Juvia Med Spa. Come in for a free consultation any time to find out exactly what services can address any issues you may see in the mirror.

Natural products can work, to an extent. It’s best to stick to the basic all natural skin care items that have been used for hundreds or thousands of years, and to avoid the trendy “exotic” treatments that have no scientific backing or data to prove their safety and effectiveness. Once you’ve reached the limits of what natural skin care can do for you, our trained medical staff can provide you with a safe and effective medical-strength treatment that is perfectly tailored to your needs.