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Popular Ways to Treat Acne Scars

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Acne scars can be such a painful reminder of a time when you may have felt that your appearance was entirely out of your control. Not only is acne physically uncomfortable, but it also leaves emotional scars in addition to physical ones. An ideal way to erase the constant reminders is to have treatment for acne scars, and there are many incredibly effective and popular options available.

PRP Facials

PRP facials are platelet rich plasma injections that are created from your blood. Mixed with nutrients, the PRP injection is going to improve circulation in your skin, and cause the areas treated to take on a healthier and rejuvenated look.

Laser Treatments

Currently there are two ways that laser treatments may be used to address acne scarring. There are non-ablative and ablative lasers. The non-ablative treatments are incredibly relaxing and stimulate the production of collagen in the skin. This restores elasticity that is lost as collagen production decreases with age. However, it also heals the skin, meaning it can diminish the appearance of your acne scars.

Ablative treatments are a bit more complicated and actually destroy the damaged skin cells in the area of scarring. This cues them to reform and re-grow newer and healthier cells. However, many people hoping to get rid of acne forever, can achieve it with this treatment, and enjoy the added bonus of reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, too.


Also called dermal fillers, they make your acne scars disappear by fleshing them out and filling them in. These fillers are the same options used to erase fine lines and wrinkles, and in just one session you can see those unwanted marks erased and a smoother skin surface emerge. However, these are one of the acne scars treatments that are temporary, and you may need to do maintenance injections every six months, or so.


If the idea of removing damaged cells and re-growing them appeals to you, chemical peels may be the right answer. These are made of different materials that remove the uppermost layers of skin, and force the cells to re-grow, often giving the skin a much smoother and healthier look, in addition to a radiant glow.

Eliminating Acne and Scars

Interestingly enough, many of the treatments to address acne scars are also treatments that can help you to permanently overcome adult acne at the same time. All of the remedies just mentioned can fill out the areas of scarring and the laser treatments and peels are ideal at eliminating much of the material that leads to adult acne in the first place.

Photofacials are also another approach to improving the skin and reducing the amount of acne and acne scarring. These use intense lighting to kill bacteria in the pores while also toning the skin. Eliminating any future acne breakouts is also eliminating any risk for additional scars.

Advanced Laser Resurfacing

Lastly, a treatment known as pixel laser resurfacing is a good way to treat acne scarring as it can address deeper scars and often begin erasing the scars in a single treatment. This is a more advanced method for those scars that are not treatable in any other way, and something to consider if your acne scars leave you feeling uncomfortable, unhappy or embarrassed.

If you are eager to enjoy any of these acne scar remedies, contact Juvia MedSpa to book a consultation.