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Weight Loss Tips Before Early Morning Breakfast

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Does the idea of losing weight even before you eat breakfast appeal to you? There are actually many great tactics you can use to get your body burning unwanted fat and calories before your early morning breakfast. We’ll consider a few methods you can rely on to charge up your metabolism and begin losing weight long before that first sip of coffee. Some of them may already be familiar to you, and some may be entirely new information. Let’s start with those you may already know:

Get Moving

Fitness and weight loss experts all agree that morning exercise, the kind done before breakfast, is more likely to amp up the metabolism and burn stored calories far more than exercise at any other time. In addition to the metabolic boost, it is also going to pump you full of energy and improve your mood. Let’s not overlook that getting your workout in first thing means you are much more likely to exercise every day without skipping it out of fatigue or any other reason.

Get Mindful

After your morning workout, cool down and refocus by taking ten minutes to do some mindful breathing or even some full-blown meditation. This lets you get a clear head at the start of the day, quiets the mind and encourages your good mood. It also helps you to avoid overeating and begins the morning with relaxation instead of rushing.

Get Hydrated

Maybe you know all about the benefits of consuming a glass of warm water upon waking, but if you haven’t, you should know that this stimulates the digestive system and supports a bit of detoxing. A way to really boost it is to switch that water for a good serving of apple cider vinegar. It may sound horrible to drink vinegar first thing, but if you purchase a high quality vinegar, it has a mild taste and brings amazing benefits, most importantly, it slows the release of glucose into your blood stream, allowing breakfast to keep you satisfied a lot longer.

Get Caffeinated

Coffee and tea continually change in terms of their acceptance or rejection. Yet, studies have shown that those who consume coffee or tea in the morning enjoy amazing metabolic boosting benefits that help you burn calories while also giving you that little boost of energy, too.

Get a Little Hungry

And though this is about losing weight before your early morning breakfast, one of the secrets for beginning to shed weight as soon as the day gets started is to actually eat your breakfast a bit later in the morning. Why? Several studies now show that smaller “eating windows” help us lose weight – even if we eat more calories during that window of time each day. In other words, if you eat only from 8 to 6 each day, you are more likely to lose weight than if you eat from 7 to 9.

Getting Started

Are you finding it hard to lose weight even when you use tactics like those listed here? If so, you may want to enjoy a bit of support through medical weight loss programs. At Juvia Medspa, we offer our clients just this kind of support, beginning with an in-depth body analysis and then helping them determine what is stunting weight loss and offering workable solutions.

For more information on how Juvia Med Spa can help you with weight loss, give us a call today to schedule a free consultation. Our phone number is 817-427-3700, and our friendly and knowledgeable team members are standing by to take your call.

Is It Possible to Lose Weight Without Dieting?

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When researching weight loss, one of the things that most people realize very quickly is that weight loss, according to the experts, always boils down to this basic truth: if you eat fewer calories than you use up, you’ll lose weight. That’s a lot easier said that done, even for those who work hard and exercise hard every day to burn more calories. Our food is often just too calorie-rich to burn off, so the key seems to be to go on a diet.

But as anyone who ever tried to diet knows, it is tough. Between the way that ingredients actually affect brain chemistry and create chemical dependencies, to the sociological conditioning we have all had to include food in just about every part of our life, going on a diet is almost as hard as trying to breathe less oxygen. So many people end up wondering if there is a way to lose weight without dieting. And at Juvia Med Spa, we can offer you the answer you’ve been hoping for.

Medical Weight Loss

The fact is that there is no hard and fast rule for every single body type out there when it comes to weight loss. There are many more factors at work than just “eating too much” or “not getting enough exercise”. There may be hormonal or chemical issues within a body that cause weight to hang around; a woman entering menopause may find that her metabolism slows to a crawl. Illnesses or injuries can also cause the body to store fat at a faster rate.

Whatever the cause, you can in fact lose weight without dieting. Our medical weight loss solutions can help your body shed fat and lose weight in a safe, but fast procedure. You will be monitored by an expert nutritionist and medical staff, so that your health is the number one priority at every phase, no matter which treatment you choose. While you will enjoy great results without having to go on a diet, these treatments can also give you the motivation you need to start making healthier choices for even greater success.

HCG with Phentermine

One of the first treatments that we offer for weight loss without a diet is a combination of HCG and phentermine. Phentermine is simply an appetite suppressant that helps you naturally eat less food because you simply aren’t that hungry any more. HCG is a naturally occurring hormone that is made by the human body, particularly in pregnant women. This hormone has a great effect on the metabolism, and can actually reset a slow metabolism.

This is a very safe and healthy way to lose weight. Your metabolism will be sped up by natural hormones that the body already recognizes; your appetite will be suppressed by the phentermine; and therefore, you will eat less and burn more, without ever having to pick up a dumbbell or cut back on your favorite foods.

Bioidentical Hormone Pellet Replacement

Bioidentical hormone pellet replacement is a great option for weight loss, far better than synthetic creams, injections, or patches. In this therapy, you will see more preventative effects, meaning your body will not only lose weight, but it will learn to stop storing fat in the first place. This can help you keep the weight off once you lose it for good.

All of our weight loss treatments are overseen by a trained staff of medical professionals and nutritionists, who can help you develop the perfect weight loss plan for you. As you lose weight with one of our treatments, you will learn how to properly nourish your body in the future, and you will see results along the way that will inspire you to keep going. No one’s body is the same, so we don’t offer any cookie-cutter plans. After a consultation, we’ll help you choose between our many treatment options, and get you started with the best one for your body type, lifestyle, and goals.

Total Wellness with Weight Loss

Losing weight isn’t only about looking great. Yes, you will gain confidence, and your mental and emotional health will be much better; but you’ll also find that your body itself is healthier. Without extra weight dragging you down, you get sick less often, you’ll be able to be more active, and you’ll find that old aches and pains decrease or even disappear. If you’re ready for all this and more, come in for your consultation right away.

6 Major Advantages of Clinical Weight Loss Programs

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Have you tried and tried to lose weight, but you always seem to gain it all back, no matter how you restrict your diet and/or work out? Weight loss is incredibly difficult, especially if you don’t have much or any experience with eating the correct diet and getting the right amount of exercise on a regular basis. It’s made even more difficult if your hormones are out of balance or you have other health factors blocking you from shedding fat. Fortunately, with clinical weight loss programs, more and more people are successfully losing weight and keeping it off without starving themselves or undertaking overly strenuous exercise regimens.

One-Third of Americans Are Obese

First of all, you are not alone. According to the CDC, over a third of adults in the United States are obese, carrying 30% body fat or higher. This is not just an aesthetic problem, but it’s also a serious health concern, as obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and even some forms of cancer. While the CDC deems it one of the country’s leading causes of preventable deaths, losing weight on your own can seem impossible. However, with a clinical weight loss program, you can experience a number of advantages to lose weight faster and in a healthy, sustainable way.

Lose Weight Under Physician Supervision

When you begin a clinical weight loss program, you won’t just be told to follow a restrictive diet and get some exercise. Instead, your weight loss program will be overseen by a physician, and it will be tailored to help you lose weight in a healthy way for your body. Because you are under a physician’s supervision throughout the process, you can rest assured that your needs will be heard and that the program will be safe and effective.

It’s Based on Your Body Composition

Everyone carries weight differently. You may think that a 165-pound woman who’s 5’7” tall would be obese or at least overweight, but many weightlifters and other athletes carry more muscle mass and thus more weight than people who are less active. With a medical weight loss program, your med spa’s qualified staff members will measure your body composition and metabolism, and they’ll put together a program that’s just right for you based on your body fat percentage, your muscle mass, and your metabolism. This way you can lose fat without losing muscle, and you won’t feel hungry all the time, either.

Safe Appetite Suppressants

Furthermore, a lot of diet pills that you find on the market today are actually very dangerous when used in an unsupervised manner. However, with your physician’s supervision, you can take appetite suppressants that will help you stop feeling hungry and stick to a healthier diet.

Get Help With Your Pre-Existing Conditions

If you have a pre-existing condition that is preventing you from losing weight or making it very difficult, then you can benefit from a clinical weight loss program. Your physician will understand how to work with your condition to healthily and safely help you lose weight and feel better about your body.


Finally, with a medical weight loss program like the ones we offer at Juvia Med Spa, you will get help holding yourself accountable for your diet and exercise. Between reporting to your physician and/or other helpful staff members at the wellness center, you will have an easier time staying on track, even when you are tempted by junk food or you just don’t feel like going to the gym.

Are you interested in a safer, more effective weight loss program? Call us at Juvia Med Spa today at 817-427-3700 to schedule your free consultation.

The Top 6 Benefits of Medical Weight Loss

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Are you considering entering a medical weight loss program? If so, you’re on the right track to lose weight in a healthy manner and keep it off for years to come. Diet fads and exercise trends come and go, and yet – on the whole – people in the US continue to be overweight and obese, with no real signs of improvement. There is no magic secret that will make you shed those pounds at the drop of a hat, but you don’t have to continue to suffer, either. With medical weight loss, you can see a number of great advantages.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease and Other Conditions

The first and most important benefit of medical weight loss is that it has a very high success rate. This means that patients who were at a heightened risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening conditions can enjoy better health and reduced risks. If you want an A+ the next time you visit your doctor for your annual checkup, visit your favorite medical spa to discuss your options for medical weight loss today.

Lose Weight Without Feeling Hungry

Some medical weight loss programs do kick-start the weight loss process with a short-term restrictive diet. However, with supervision from our board-certified medical director, you can get help with appetite suppressants that are safe and effective. Instead of suffering and wishing that you could eat all the things that you enjoy, you will feel full and start to see the benefits of your weight loss program.

Get Your Energy Back

Carrying around excess weight will not only wreak havoc on your hormones, but it’s also just exhausting. As you begin to lose weight, you’ll start to feel more and more energetic and youthful again. You will have less trouble getting through the day without an extra cup of coffee or an energy drink, and you’ll have more energy to go to the gym, go for a walk, or go for a bike ride with your family.

One-on-One Advice and Support

One of the best parts of coming to us for medical weight loss, though, is the support you’ll get throughout the process. When you pick up a diet book or start a new workout regimen, you’re on your own, and it’s entirely up to you to hold yourself accountable. That’s a lot of pressure, and it’s easy to backslide. When you come to Juvia Med Spa for help with your weight loss, though, you’ll get the individual support and advice you need to continue losing weight and seeing results.

 Professional Medical Monitoring

You can also rest assured that you will always be safe in our care when you choose medical weight loss at your favorite medical spa and wellness center. Not only will you get help with your weight loss journey, but your other medical conditions and overall health will be monitored, as well. We will never put your health at risk, and we will help you make the right choices to get healthier and lose all that stubborn weight.

Feel More Confident in Yourself

Last but not least, after trying to lose weight on your own for years, you may feel like you’ll never have the body you’ve been dreaming of. With help from a qualified physician and a personalized medical weight loss program, you’ll find that you lose the weight faster than you thought possible, and you’ll feel more and more confident in yourself and your body.

Want to learn more about medical weight loss at Juvia Med Spa? Call us today at 817-427-3700 to schedule your free consultation.