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How Much is a Typical Laser Treatment for Age Spots and Sun Spots?

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Spots on the skin used to be considered signs of aging. Maybe it’s that we have never had a more photographed generation of young people before now, or maybe it’s that changes in the environment have made sun damage even more pronounced. Whatever the reason, the skin care industry has seen a boom in younger patients needing to treat sun spots and other dark areas of hyperpigmentation on the skin.

Age spots are still a concern as you grow older, as well. Both of these types of spots can be treated in a variety of ways, but one of the most permanent is a laser treatment. This works by focusing a concentrated beam of light into the hyperpigmented cells, breaking them up and causing the dark spot to dissipate.

But there’s no denying that these treatments can become expensive. Let’s look at some of the available laser treatments, and how much they typically cost.

Laser Resurfacing

This is the most invasive type of laser treatment, and involves carefully creating a purposeful wound right where the dark spots on your face occur. This destroys the cells that are damaged by sun or age, and allows healthy, fresh cells with no hyperpigmentation to take their place as the wound heals. With this procedure, you’ll need some recovery time, as well as pain and antibiotic medication.

Photodynamic Therapy and Pulsed Light

This type of laser treatment for age spots and sun spots involves the concentration of laser beams onto the surface of your skin, which breaks up the dark areas and evens skin texture. With Photodynamic therapy, your skin will be exposed to an agent that makes it more susceptible to the lasers first, to improve the laser’s ability to make a difference.

So what’s the price?

Because every laser treatment procedure is different, the prices can vary wildly. Small procedures that take only a half hour and don’t require any follow up can be as low as $99. If you need a major laser treatment for severe sun damage that includes resurfacing and multiple visits, you might be looking at a bill that climbs into the thousands.

Some insurances may cover laser treatment if it’s for facial reconstruction after an injury; this typically does not apply to treatments for age spots or sun spots, however.

There are usually also aftercare creams and medications that will be additional costs. These items cannot be skipped; they are essential to ensuring that the effects of your treatment last.

How can you save?

If you are careful with your skin now, and are sure to use a good prepping cream before your procedure, you’ll likely find that fewer procedures are needed to achieve great results. Also, using the aftercare products as directed, and following the aftercare instructions regarding sun exposure, helps ensure that you won’t need any repeat visits.

If you’re interested in a direct quote for your specific skin care needs, come in to our skin care facilities. We’re happy to help you discuss the options available, and create a skin care regimen that works for you. Being more permanent and likely to offer long-lasting results, our laser treatments can save you money on facials and other treatments in the long run.