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Treatment and Prevention of Hyperpigmentation

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Hyperpigmentation sounds harmless when you read a description of it. After all, it is just a painless condition in which areas of skin become a slightly darker shade than the surrounding skin. It occurs when melanin production increases in those specific areas, leaving deposits that darken patches on almost any part of the body.

However, it is not all that harmless because it often has an emotional impact on those who are suffering from it. It does not matter what color your skin, you can still suffer from hyperpigmentation. Also, it occurs as we age, and many people become very upset when they develop “age” spots on their face and hands.

Why does it happen? Experts say that these forms of hyperpigmentation are due to sun exposure. Another form of hyperpigmentation is melasma, and this is often thought to be due to hormonal changes. It is why women in certain stages of pregnancy suddenly develop what is known as the “mask” of pregnancy, which is simply a case of hyperpigmentation. Again, this can cause the woman to feel extremely self-conscious.

Further instances of hyperpigmentation can be brought on by acne and acne scars, injuries, burns, lesions and kin trauma. Any of these events can cue the skin to begin producing more melanin than normal and it can be deposited anywhere on the face or skin.

What Can Be Done?

If you are someone who is upset or left feeling self-conscious because you developed hyperpigmentation, don’t despair. There are many gentle and effective treatments that can be used to break up the discoloration or cause the body to absorb some of the deposited melanin – lightening the darkened areas.

The first step is to book a consultation with one of our skin care professionals. They can review your condition and then suggest the most appropriate course of treatment. These can range from the use of topical creams that contain effective remedies like hydroquinone. These compounds actually cause the melanocytes (the melanin cells) to reduce their pace of production and this can lead to fading of the discoloration.

If our expert sees that the hyperpigmentation is not likely to respond to topical creams, they may recommend one of the two less invasive treatments. The first is microdermabrasion, which is going to use a fine mist of a special crystalline compound which is then gently buffed to reveal the fresh skin cells beneath. By triggering new skin cell production it can lighten the darkened areas. There are also chemical peels that work wonders at removing the uppermost layers and causing the skin to create healthier cells without the overabundance of melanin.

If it is unlikely that your hyperpigmentation can respond to such gentle treatments, we can offer you IPL therapy. This is Intense Pulse Light therapy, which is a form of laser resurfacing. This actually causes the deposits of melanin to breakdown and be carried away by the body’s immune system. It leaves your skin feeling fresher and softer, and is very effective at overcoming discoloration of the skin.

It will require roughly six visits, with one to two weeks between treatments. However, it is going to cue your skin to produce more collagen and can leave you looking younger and with a brighter complexion than before.

If you are left upset by hyperpigmentation, there are remedies available. To learn more or book a consultation, get in touch with Juvia MedSpa at 817-427-3700.