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Four Secrets for Younger Looking Skin

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Have you just started to see the first signs of fine lines and wrinkles creeping in around your eyes, nose, mouth, and brow? Or have you noticed those lines deepening and becoming more pronounced? Either way, you’re probably looking for effective ways to slow, stop, and hopefully reverse the process, right? At Juvia Med Spa, we specialize in helping our patients fight the signs of aging and look younger than they have in years. Here are a few of our secrets.

Start Botox Treatments Early

As you probably know, Botox works by relaxing the muscles in your face to prevent you from forming expression lines when you grin, frown, or furrow your brow. Well, in addition to helping fade away existing lines, Botox can actually prevent lines from forming. So, even if you haven’t started to see really noticeable lines yet, you might want to consider an ounce of prevention with Botox skin treatment in Fort Worth.

Dermal Fillers Fight Sagging Skin

If your cheeks are starting to fall, you can plump them back up and tighten sagging skin with dermal filler injections. Combine dermal fillers with Botox injectables in Southlake, and you have a recipe for an instantly younger looking complexion.

Get a Chemical Peel

If you’re prone to acne outbreaks or you have a lot of acne scars left over from your teen years, you can say hello to clearer, smoother skin with the right chemical peel. Professional peels are always better than at-home versions, and our skincare experts can help you choose the best peel for your needs.

Use the Best Skincare Products

A lot of the inexpensive, over-the-counter skincare products that you find at drugstores and grocery stores contain some really harsh chemicals. These can cause inflammation and can age your skin instead of working to keep it healthy and beautiful. Ask one of our expert aestheticians about the best products to use between visits to the spa to keep your skin looking amazing and young for years to come.

If you follow these tips, protect your face from sun exposure, and drink lots of water every day, you’ll be amazed at how much younger and more beautiful you feel. And, as you get older, people will start to wonder what your secret is.

For more information on the best skincare treatments and regimens for you, call us at Juvia Med Spa today at 917-427-3700 to schedule your free consultation and skin analysis.

4 Acne Treatment Products That Work

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If you want to get rid of recurring acne outbreaks, you should probably consider laser skin resurfacing, a chemical peel, or microdermabrasion. These treatments, which you can find at quality medical spas like Juvia Med Spa, are proven to help rid the face of the bacteria that create acne to begin with. However, a few sessions of laser treatments or a chemical peel wont get rid of your acne forever if you dont take care of your skin in between visits to the spa.

But what products should you use when cleansing and clearing your face at home? Its hard to choose, when every product you see advertised claims to be the most effective solution on the market, right? Well, to answer your question, here are 4 products that we at Juvia Med Spa love and highly recommend to all of our clients for acne treatment and skin cleansing:

Revision Brightening Facial Wash

This cleanser is full of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and it has tons of brightening botanicals for a natural acne treatment that leaves your skin hydrated and cleansed of toxins and impurities.

Obagi Foaming Gel

This foaming gel cleanser is amazing for removing makeup and clearing your pores of impurities that youve come in contact with throughout the day.

Revision Exfoliating Facial Rinse

Exfoliate away dead and damaged skin cells and invigorate your skin at the same time with this brightening and revitalizing toner.

Obagi Clear

This hydroquinone-based skin brightener clears pores and corrects age spots and sun spots, too, for a clean, even complexion. A valid prescription is required for this product.

Youre looking for products that work, look no farther than Obagi and Revision Skincare, and if you have questions about your skin care regimen, just give us a call at Juvia Med Spa at 817-427-3700.

Reverse the Effects of Damaged or Aged Skin

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Do you avoid looking in the mirror because you hate seeing how much your skin has aged? Do you still feel 20, but when you look at your face, it looks 45 or older? If this sounds familiar, youre not alone. Most of us werent the best at wearing sun block or hats when we were younger, and as a result we now suffer from the effects of aged skin due to sun exposure and bad habits.

Thank goodness there are treatments for damaged skin, though. You dont have to just live with the damage done to your skin, and you dont have to get a face lift, either. In fact, your problem could be solved with a chemical peel, microdermabrasion, or laser skin resurfacing.

With a chemical peel, a skin care specialist will apply a mask of enzymes that eat and melt away the dead skin cells on your face, leaving the young, beautiful skin underneath exposed. Microdermabrasion works in a similar way but with tiny buffing particles sprayed over your face as a high-power exfoliant.

If you have deeper lines and wrinkles, you can also choose laser skin resurfacing, in which case a laser device will strip away the top layers of skin, getting rid of wrinkles and scar tissue, leaving behind beautiful, undamaged skin.

You can choose any of these procedures and more at Juvia Med Spa. Our skin care specialists are here for you to help you choose the very best skin treatment to make you look younger and more beautiful. We provide free consultations, so it wont cost you anything to have a skin care expert look at your face and make recommendations to you.

To schedule a consultation or if you have any questions at all about our services, call Juvia Med Spa today at 817-427-3700.