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Is It Possible to Naturally Cure Age Spots?

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If you are someone who has noticed some tell tale signs of aging appearing on your skin, it is likely that you are not delighted to see them. One of the issues that seem to upset many of our patients at Juvia Medspa is the appearance of age spots. These are large, freckle-type dots and areas of discoloration that seem to bloom on the skin, particularly the face and hands.

Age spots and other dark spots that show up on the skin are all due to a change in the natural pigmentation of the skin, and this is usually caused by a very specific set of issues. They include exposure to the sun or UV light, genetics, changes in hormones (pregnant women and women on birth control sometimes develop spots and discoloration), and inflammation. Clearly, with so many causes, it can be challenging to find one or two effective, natural remedies, yet there are some good solutions.

Cure or Combat?

Because most want to address such issues as gently and naturally as possible, we are often asked if it is possible to naturally cure age spots. Unfortunately, it takes treatments like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, facial peels and even laser treatments to reduce them. These, as you might already realize, are hardly “natural” remedies.

Instead, what we can say is that it is possible naturally fight the development of dark spots on the skin. One of the most effective is also one of the simplest – use of sun screen. Age spots react just like your normal skin reacts to sun exposure – it can darken. This worsens the appearance of age spots, and it means you can lessen their appearance by using adequate sun protection and keeping age spots out of the light.

If you look at the alternative treatments that many experts suggest, you would see things like hydroquinone, a chemical brightener. You might also see Retin solutions and even steroids. Again, none of them are natural, but you can try to get some of the same results they provide with all natural, and much safer ingredients.

The Natural Combatants

If you want to fight the further development of age spots, you have already learned the importance of sun protection. You can then use treatments like:

  • Vitamin C – Noted as the most effective, it can be purchased as a “serum” for the skin and is one of the finest ways to brighten dark areas, even those not defined as age spots. For example, those with very dark circles beneath the eye may use it to reduce the pigmentation.
  • Aloe Vera – Intense moisturizing and some natural brightening can make this a good natural combatant to age spots.
  • Lemon Juice, Onion Juice or Horseradish with Vinegar – Applied directly to the skin, these three compounds are thought to be quite effective in lightening the color of the age spots and even fading them to almost invisibility over time.

Unfortunately, and as you might guess, it will require constant treatment with any of these compounds to keep those age spots as pale and unnoticeable as possible. If you want a gentle and more permanent solution, call today to schedule a free consultation. Our phone number is 817-427-3700, and our friendly and knowledgeable team members are standing by to take your call.