Introducing Jeuveau- a new Botox alternative

By September 26, 2019Skin, Treatment

Jeuveau is the latest addition to the neurotoxin products available in the market. Even though it is similar to Botox, there are some good reasons why it is a better choice. 

In any case, it is expected that Jeuveau will likewise build up a dedicated customer base soon on account of its price. The ultimate decision depends on individual decision and experiences the individual has had with the product. Be that as it may, Jeuveau is produced with similar methods as other neurotoxin brands and will be accepted by every aesthetic clinician. 

Albeit every one of the medications used for aesthetic purposes contains similar ingredients. The safety and viability profile for Jeuveau is like the one of Botox. Accordingly, the injectable can be substituted for each other. The individuals who have had Botox injections in the past can likewise change to Jeuveau now since they are basically similar medications. 

Jeuveau is a neuromodulator and will produce comparable outcomes to Botox in the patient. The explanation behind the compatibility of the medications isn’t on the grounds that the compound they contain is comparable but since they have a similar adequacy profile. There were no concerning reactions announced for the medication in the two preliminaries which is another empowering certainty. 

A product for the treatment of wrinkles and glabellar lines at a limited cost is probably going to make a solid power in the market and aesthetic clinics ought to be set up to use it.

Why should you use Jeuveau instead of Botox?

  1. It is purely cosmetic and produced for aesthetic purposes only – Jeuveau is new in the market and was approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States on February 1, 2019. It is produced for aesthetic purposes only and it is purely cosmetic. 

It contains a molecular size of 900 kDa, making it the highest standard of all other neurotoxin products. It works by temporarily relaxing overactive muscles and causes wrinkles and frown lines, thereby eliminating them. 

The active ingredient in Jeuveau is Botulinum Toxin Type A. This is also the ingredient available in Botox. 

  1. Lower price – The price for Jeuveau will be more flexible compared to Botox. Botox is not very affordable for everyone due to its price. The price of Jeuveau will be 20-30% lower than the price of Botox. This will make it more affordable for everyone. 

Botox is normally available in 100 units for a vial. A patient uses about three-quarters of vial. Botox is priced at an average of $500. With a reduction of 20-30%, the average price for Jeuveau will be $350-$400 for a vial. This means instead of buying Botox for a price of $500, you can get Jeuveau for $350 to $400, saving you about $150.

  1. Last longer – The molecular weight of Jeuveau is 900 kDa. This is extremely high when compared to other neurotoxin products. Clinical studies of different neurotoxin products were made and Jeaveau was found to have a longer lasting effect. 

Jeaveau proprietary and manufacturing process is highly unique. This has distinguished the product among all other similar products including Botox. The effect of Jeaveau can last for 3 months to several months. 

  1. Same training and certification as Botox – The training to obtain a certification as a specialist to administer Jeuveau is the same as Botox. As a patient, if a medical professional already has a certification to administer Botox, you can as well feel comfortable and safe when administered Jeuveau by the same person.

The training for medical professionals needed to administer Jeuveau is for them to enhance their skills and get more acquainted with the product. The training provides practical knowledge and experience concerning all the things that should be known about Jeuveau and the right way it should be injected into the facial muscles of patients. The training also equips medical professionals with answers to all possible questions patients might have.

As a patient, it is important to ensure that the medical professional that wants to treat you with Jeuveau is certified. It is necessary so as to ensure the safety of the patient and it is also a legal requirement. 

A medical professional that already has a Botox training and certification only need to take a refresher course for Jeuveau certification. 

Important information about Jeuveau 

Botox has been in the market for over a decade and there is a need for a better-improved neurotoxin product. Market competition always leads to improvements in products. 

This is why Evolus came out with an improved neurotoxin product called Jeuveau. It is a new product that beats all the other similar products that are already available in the market. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Evolus, David Moatazedi was a former executive at Allergan (the company that produces Botox) for 13 years. 

Combined with his experience over the years in producing Botox, he facilitated the production of a more refined and advanced neurotoxin product known as Jeuveau. 

Though Botox has been in the market for long, he is certain that Jeuveau posed a great challenge in the dominance of Botox. 

What makes Jeuveau stand out

Jeuveau is the first 900 kDa molecular size neurotoxin since Botox was produced over 20 years ago. Other neurotoxins such as Xeomon and Dysport has very little molecular size of 150 kDa. 

Jeuveau has proven to be the best in that it is a very new product with higher level of productivity. It represents the gold standard in the neurotoxins family. 

Produced with a Hi-Pure technology, it is different from Botox and has higher longevity. From a head-to-head study that was made between Jeuveau and Botox, it was found the effect of Jeuveau last longer than Botox.

Which Neurotoxin product is best for me?

With the many benefits and attributes of Jeuveau, it is evident that Jeuveau is the best choice.

Jeuveau provides the highest number of benefits that you can get from a neurotoxin injectable product. It clears off glabellar lines. It also clears off wrinkles, making the face look fresher and younger. 

Apart from its proven best standard, it is also cheaper than Botox, making it even more affordable for you.