Break through Weight Loss Plateaus!

It’s a familiar story. You made the resolution to adopt healthier habits with a goal of losing weight, and at first the pounds seemed to fall off. Then suddenly progress slowed down, and the inevitable weight-loss plateau starting rearing its ugly head. It’s understandable to feel frustrated and confused, especially when you feel like you are doing it all correctly. For many, the result is a backslide into old habits and, in turn, weight gain.

“Interestingly, in the beginning of a weight-loss plan, people often lose more weight making fewer changes, like limiting portions and cutting out certain food and beverages,” explains Samantha Tinsley, an Indianapolis-based clinical dietitian. “But once they’ve lost usually around 10% of body weight, that weight loss slows down.”

Since this is an all-too-common phenomenon, experts have devised strategies to help those committed to healthier habits stay devoted even when weight loss levels off. There’s no doubt that if you can stay the course and make the proper adjustments, you will eventually see progress again. Here are six strategies for pushing past that plateau and sticking to your weight-loss plan through thick and thin:


It’s no secret that increasing activity levels can help you to reach your wellness goals. While you can add B12 to your diet through meat, fish and dairy products, you can see benefits more quickly if you adopt B12 injections to your wellness plan. With increased energy, your activity levels can reach higher levels, therefore adding to your results. These injections can also assist in increasing metabolism levels, helping you to further reach your wellness goals. Juvia Med Spa offers B12 injections either alone, or part of larger packages so that you can customize how you receive these benefits.


While weight loss may seem like it’s all about the numbers on the scale, considering the other benefits of adopting a healthier lifestyle can help you push past a plateau.

Ask yourself: What are some of the positive things that are happening in my life based on my weight loss — maybe you got a hug from your kid and they could put their arms all the way around you, or you went on the farthest run you’ve ever done. When you take the time to celebrate those achievements during a plateau, you’re more likely to stay motivated even when the scale isn’t moving.


Simply reducing portion sizes is often enough to prompt weight loss for many people. At Juvia Med Spa, we offer additional weight loss strategies to help you reach your wellness goals. From medical weight loss to HCG to Sermorelin, the plans and options are there for your customized support. We also offer detailed diet plans, taking the guess work out of what you need to do to reach your goals.


Setting a course for your week can go a long way in keeping you on track with healthy habits and weight loss. If you anticipate times when you have felt stuck, it will get much easier to get through. Set goals for the week, and plan on how you will reach them. Do you do better in the morning or evenings? How will work or family obligations work with what you need to accomplish?


As we all age, hormone levels naturally decrease. With the decreased levels, metabolism levels can change. It can be helpful to check your hormone levels through an easy blood test. After checking your levels, you can learn more about how or it Bio-identical hormone therapy might be beneficial. Users who have used Bio-identical hormone therapy have reported increases in energy, improved ability to build muscles and improved metabolism. This service is also offered at Juvia Med Spa, and can be a part of the comprehensive wellness plan.


For many, it can be demoralizing when weight loss levels off. There’s plenty of evidence out there, however, to suggest that if you can stick with your weight-loss plan, the pounds will come off. This is why remaining positive is so important to keep you on track. Find a support system who can help you to stay positive during the tough times, and focus on how you’re feeling overall since you started this journey.