What Type of Diet Is Important During Weight Loss?

By March 27, 2017Weight Loss

In a study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, 59 different dieting programs were assessed. People using these varied diets were monitored by medical experts, and in the end, the experts were asked about the best type of diet for weight loss. These experts had access to every possible approach, including low carb, low fat, and all the rest. Can you guess what diet they recommended as the best?

If you said “none”, you were right!

The physicians all agreed that it was not so much the actual diet, but the support and customization of the entire program that offered the best results. For example, most said that practicality was the biggest issue. In other words, not how much exercise was done or how many calories cut, but how realistic the program was for the patient’s needs and goals. How practical was it in their day to day life?

The Effectiveness of a Weight Loss Clinic

This is why so many pointed towards the kind of support and customizable solutions available through a medical weight loss clinic. Such an option allows an individual to speak with a trained expert, or team of them, about their personal goals as well as their dieting history.

After all, even the experts cannot come to a final agreement on whether diet and exercise, genetics and early life, or carbohydrate intake and insulin are the strongest factors dictating just how or whether someone can lose weight easily. This means that it is not going to be about the type of diet during weight loss as much as it will be about diet, weight loss management and other supplementary support options.

Some Things to Consider

As a simple example, almost all physicians and experts at weight loss and diet will not recommend a specific diet without first performing a body composition analysis. This is going to consider the entire body, assess specific areas and consider body fat percentage. Why? Well, consider two women who both want to lose weight. Both weigh 150 pounds and stand at roughly 5’7″. Traditional BMI calculators put them in the “normal” range, but one women appears noticeably heavier. Why? She may not have a great deal of muscle while the other woman is very active and comprised of a lot of muscle.

These two women would need to eat different diets and do different things to reach their goal weight of 135 pounds. This is something neither of them might realize, and visiting a weight loss clinic for that body composition analysis would help to steer them towards the right sort of diet.

Additionally, the physicians that did the studies mentioned earlier also said practicality was the key. This is often synonymous with support and both long and short term goals. Working with the experts in a weight loss clinic ensures that you do indeed identify realistic goals and then receive the kinds of tools and support needed to reach them.

For example, a lot of people eager to lose weight may be underestimating the number of calories they consume daily. They might struggle with fears of being constantly hungry as they shed unwanted pounds. Fortunately, there are many options available through medical weight loss centers, such as Juvia MedSpa.

If you are eager to know what type of diet is important during weight loss for you, get in touch with our team and book a consultation.