Learn the Main Difference Between Botox and Dysport

By August 8, 2016Botox Treatment

If you’ve been paying attention to beauty and anti-aging trends for the past twenty years or so, you’re probably very familiar with Botox – the most popular muscle relaxing, anti-aging injectable on the market today. However, Botox isn’t the only product available that’s derived from the botulinum A toxin to relax muscles and erase or reduce the appearance of expression lines on your face.

First approved by the FDA in 2009, Dysport has become almost as popular as Botox with patients who want to look and feel younger by getting rid of the fine lines and wrinkles that form around their mouth, eyes, nose, and brow when they make extreme facial expressions.

So what’s the difference? How does Dysport stack up against Botox? Are they basically the same injectable under different names? While both of these products are highly effective, there are a few key differences between the two that patients should be aware of.

How Dysport and Botox Differ

According to some patients, Botox has a longer duration of efficacy than Dysport, but this has not been proven in any clinical studies. The fact is that it may simply work better for some patients than others. It has been shown, however, that Dysport does have a faster onset than Botox, and its effects can be seen starting in two to five days, as opposed to four to seven days for Botox.

Because Dysport has a smaller molecular makeup, it tends to diffuse more than Botox, which can be a pro for some patients and a con for others. If you’re looking for very localized muscle relaxation, then Botox is probably the better choice. If you want more generalized relaxation (e.g., if you’re treating expression lines across the forehead), Dysport could be the better option.

Some physicians maintain that you need to use more Dysport to get the same effects as a smaller dose of Botox, but again this has not been proven and is still very debatable. Other than these minor differences, the two injectables are very similar and have very close results.

The Method of Injection Matters More Than the Injectable

With that in mind, the most important thing to consider when choosing a muscle relaxing injectable like Botox or Dysport is that the method of injection is actually much more important than which brand of injectable you choose. With traditional needles, the process is slower, involves more discomfort, and can cause bruising. With microcannulas (like we use at Juvia Med Spa), diffusion is made easier, and the whole process is more comfortable and more effective. Plus, there’s a much smaller chance of bruising.

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