3 Ways to Lose Holiday Weight in 30 Days or Less

Everyone loves the holidays, but no one loves the seemingly inevitable weight gain that comes with them. If you’re afraid to step on the scale after New Year’s Day, you’re not alone, but fortunately losing the weight you gained from all of those big family dinners and holiday treats actually isn’t as hard as you might think. In fact, you can do it in less than a month with a little bit of help from a medical weight loss center and a few healthy habits. Plus, if you keep these healthy habits up, you’ll not only lose this year’s holiday weight, but you might also avoid gaining weight next holiday season, as well.

Start Every Day Right With a Healthy Breakfast

Instead of going for a sugary bowl of cereal or skipping breakfast in favor of a cup of coffee, start your day with a healthy meal to really get your engine running right. In addition to your coffee, drink a glass of water, and make yourself a plate of eggs or something else that’s high in protein and other nutrients. Add fresh fruits or vegetables for good carbs, and you’ll be on your way.

Sneak More Exercise Into Your Day

When you arrive at work or the store, do you always park right out front? Instead of searching for that coveted spot right next to the door, park as far away from the building as possible. This will automatically add just a little bit more activity to your day, which will help you burn more calories. You can also take periodic breaks throughout the day to stretch your legs or take a quick walk. Think about a few different ways that you can add a little bit of light movement to each day, and it’ll add up faster than you know to burn those holiday calories.

Get Checked Out for Medical Problems That Could Be Affecting Your Weight Loss

Finally, you may be having difficulty losing weight because a gluten allergy or some other problem is affecting your gut’s functions. By visiting a medical weight loss center, you can get allergy testing and other lab tests to find out if you have any special dietary needs or if you need hormone replacement therapy to assist your metabolism.