See the Difference with Facial Injectable

By June 15, 2015Treatment

The signs of aging seem to sneak up on us. It feels as though we go to bed one night feeling youthful and fresh, and in the morning we wake up with lines and wrinkles all over dulled complexions. We look in the mirror, and we think, “What happened? Where did all of these wrinkles come from?”

Well, they didn’t occur overnight, but when you look in the mirror at the same face every day, it’s easy to overlook small changes that are constantly happening. Every time you smile or frown, for example, the muscles around your mouth, face, and eyes put creases in your skin. Over time, as collagen production falls off, those creases become permanent.

Fortunately, though, with facial injectables, you can do more than stop the clock on aging; you can actually turn it back. And if you have acne scars and other imperfections marring your gorgeous face, you can also get microdermabrasion treatment, chemical peels, or laser treatments for blemished skin care.

Whatever your issues with your face may be – whether you’ve developed deep crows’ feet and/or expression lines, you have embarrassing acne scars, your cheeks are falling, etc. – there’s an effective rejuvenating treatment waiting for you at Juvia Med Spa.

We believe in showing our clients just how much we can help them look and feel better, which is why we offer free before-and-after pictures for these procedures. You’ll be amazed when you look at our portfolio of work that the faces on the “before” side are actually the same people as the faces on the “after” side. The difference is that striking.

Come get you’re before and after pictures taken with our 3D facial scanner for free. You’ll be absolutely amazed at the difference treatments can make. Call us at Juvia Med Spa today to schedule an appointment at 817-427-3700.