Thinking of a Chemical Peel? Learn Why Not to Do It at Home

By February 27, 2015Facial Rejuvenation

Are your old acne scars plaguing you? Do you feel embarrassed to leave the house without a full face of makeup to hide breakouts, blemishes, scars, and/or discolored or patchy skin? First of all, youre not alone. A lot of us hide imperfections under layers and layers of concealer and/or foundation, but wouldnt it be nice if you could just wake up in the morning and feel ready to face the day without all that pore-clogging goop?

If youre like so many people who live with any or all of these skin issues, youve probably looked into the benefits of an acne chemical peel. Youve probably heard that the deep exfoliating powers of the enzymes and vitamins in a peel can strip away damaged and/or scarred skin and rid your pores of the bacteria that are causing your breakouts. Well, youve heard right, but you may not have heard that you should really only trust professionals at a medical spa to perform this procedure for you.

Not only are at-home treatments that you can buy over-the-counter or online less effective than the face and skin rejuvenation treatments you can have performed at a medical spa, but trying a peel at home greatly increases your chances of side effects.

Because chemical peels are designed to strip away layers of skin, some of them can have ill effects if theyre left on too long or if their ingredients are mixed or applied poorly. This can result in burning and/or scarring, and the whole point is to get rid of scars, not cause new ones!

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