Get Rid of Acne for Good with Laser Treatments

By February 24, 2015Laser Teatment

No one told you that youd still have acne breakouts well into your 20s, 30s, and even 40s, did they? Those blemishes were supposed to clear up long before you even dreamed about your first wrinkles, but they didnt. Well, youre not alone! In fact, a lot of adults suffer from acne and/or acne scarring leftover from their teen years.

Fortunately for you and the millions of people like you in the world, you can actually kill two birds with one stone when you opt for laser skin resurfacing at Juvia Med Spa. With this treatment, a laser light is focused on the top layers of your skin to methodically and exactly peel them away, leaving room behind for your young, virgin skin cells, which havent been damaged by sun, acne, or toxins and free radicals in the air.

Acne laser treatment can also go a long way to helping rid your skin of the bacteria that cause acne breakouts. However, if youre concerned about clearing up your skin for good ”“ and who isnt, right? ”“ you might want a little bit more assurance than that. That’s why we have specially compounded prescription strength acne scar gels and creams to help fade away all evidence that youve ever had a breakout in your life and to prevent future breakouts, too. And the best part? These prescription strength creams and gels are usually covered by your health insurance! That spells savings and clear skin, all in one!

At Juvia Med Spa, we pride ourselves on being north Texas premier skin care experts. We care about your results, which is why well give you a full skin analysis and consultation for free before you commit to any procedure. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call us today at 817-427-3700.