The Best Skincare Products to Keep You Young and Gorgeous

By January 18, 2015Skin

While you may not be able to literally turn back the clock on your age, you can definitely make it look like you have! Youre probably already aware of the major benefits that you can get from chemical peels and laser skin rejuvenation at Juvia Med Spa, but youre certainly interested in how you can keep your skin glowing and clear between medical spa visits, right?

Well, it all starts with a great facial cleanser. A lot of soaps and body washes contain detergent, which can wreak havoc on your skin. Instead, I recommend Obgagi medical products. Their gentle cleanser and toner will start every day off on the right foot. Their other skincare products ”“ like their lightweight Exfodermâ„¢ lotion, Blend Fxâ„¢ skin-brightening cream, and Hydrateâ„¢ moisturizer ”“ are all clean and effective. They wont clog your pores or leave your face feeling overly dry or oily and greasy, either.

I also love Revision Skincare products. They use only the purest, highest quality products, and theyre much more effective and better for your skin than Skin PhD or SkinMedica products. If youre looking for a purifying mask that you can use at home, in between visits to the spa, look no further than Revision Skincares Black Mask. I also particularly love their gentle buffing cream and their Finishing Touch microdermabrasion scrub.

To protect yourself from the sun, try one of Revision Skincares tinted moisturizers. Unlike some other skincare products, they have SPF 45 protection against harmful UV rays. As you surely know, nothing ages skin faster than sun exposure, and these products give you full protection while moisturizing your skin and giving it a beautiful, even tone.

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