4 Acne Treatment Products That Work

By January 2, 2015Uncategorized

If you want to get rid of recurring acne outbreaks, you should probably consider laser skin resurfacing, a chemical peel, or microdermabrasion. These treatments, which you can find at quality medical spas like Juvia Med Spa, are proven to help rid the face of the bacteria that create acne to begin with. However, a few sessions of laser treatments or a chemical peel wont get rid of your acne forever if you dont take care of your skin in between visits to the spa.

But what products should you use when cleansing and clearing your face at home? Its hard to choose, when every product you see advertised claims to be the most effective solution on the market, right? Well, to answer your question, here are 4 products that we at Juvia Med Spa love and highly recommend to all of our clients for acne treatment and skin cleansing:

Revision Brightening Facial Wash

This cleanser is full of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, and it has tons of brightening botanicals for a natural acne treatment that leaves your skin hydrated and cleansed of toxins and impurities.

Obagi Foaming Gel

This foaming gel cleanser is amazing for removing makeup and clearing your pores of impurities that youve come in contact with throughout the day.

Revision Exfoliating Facial Rinse

Exfoliate away dead and damaged skin cells and invigorate your skin at the same time with this brightening and revitalizing toner.

Obagi Clear

This hydroquinone-based skin brightener clears pores and corrects age spots and sun spots, too, for a clean, even complexion. A valid prescription is required for this product.

Youre looking for products that work, look no farther than Obagi and Revision Skincare, and if you have questions about your skin care regimen, just give us a call at Juvia Med Spa at 817-427-3700.