Let Juvia Med Spa Treat Your Acne Scars

By December 10, 2014Skin, Treatment

When youre a teenager, youre expected to get acne infections. Theyre just a part of growing up, right? But what happens when youve already grown up and you still get adult acne infections? Unfortunately, this is incredibly common, and a lot of people dont know how to deal with them.

You can wash your face every morning and every evening. You can avoid touching your face with your fingers or palms. You can keep your hair from falling over your forehead and keep facial wipes with you to use throughout the day. But you still breakout, why?

Adult acne infections tend to be smaller and more centralized than the acne infections you got in your teens, but theyre also deeper and harder to get rid of for good. No matter how much you wash your face, they still pop up. Fortunately, though, there are treatments that can both prevent breakouts and help get rid of existing acne scars.

If your face breaks out regularly or even just periodically, you could benefit from a chemical peel or microdermabrasion. These procedures strip away dead and damaged skin cells, allowing young cells to come to the surface. With the right facial, you can also pull toxins and grime from your pores to prevent future breakouts.

Juvia Med Spa offers these services, as well as laser skin resurfacing and other treatments that minimize and even erase blemishes and acne scars. Whether you have old or new scars, you dont have to keep living with them or with constant breakouts.

To learn more about these procedures and treatments and to find out which one is right for you, call us at Juvia Med Spa at 817-427-3700 today. Clear, youthful, attractive skin is just a phone call away!