What Are the Causes and Treatments for Rosacea?

By December 8, 2014Uncategorized

One of the most common skin diseases for people over the age of 30, rosacea causes the skin of the chin, cheeks, nose, and/or forehead to become inflamed and red. Sometimes the affected areas will also breakout in pimples and/or the skin will become dry and flaky.

Unfortunately, doctors have yet to determine exactly what causes rosacea. They do know, however, that it is not a bacterial infection and that it does tend to affect people with lighter skin and people who easily blush more than people with darker skin tones. It also appears to be at least partially caused by genetic markers, as it runs in families.

People who suffer from rosacea generally have triggers that cause outbreaks, such as allergens, alcohol, spicy foods, and/or hot baths. Changes in temperature sometimes cause flare-ups in the condition, as well.

Mild cases of rosacea can sometimes be treated with a facial, chemical peel, or microdermabrasion. These processes exfoliate the skin on the affected area of the face and can help treat the condition. In more severe cases, laser skin resurfacing can put an end to inflammation and may actually help in preventing future breakouts, too.

After laser treatment for rosacea, you should keep your skin clean, avoid sunlight, and follow skin care directions explicitly. Once youve recovered from the breakout and the laser treatment (which usually only takes 1-3 days), continue to practice good skin care habits and get periodic cleansing facials, and you will be less likely to experience future breakouts.

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