Experience the Difference Lip Enhancement in Fort Worth Can Make for Your Looks

By December 5, 2014Treatment

When you think of Angelina Jolie, what comes to mind first? For most people, its not an Oscar-winning performance or even the award-winning film she directed; its her alluring, full lips. Ms. Jolie has kept us captivated with more than just her looks for decades now, but we still cannot keep our eyes off those lips!

You may not want lips quite as full as Angelinas, but chances are you could probably benefit from a little plumper pout. If youre thinking about lip enhancement in Fort Worth, think about Restylane injections. As the first stable non-animal-sourced hyaluronic acid injectable, Restylane has a lot going for it and a good reputation for successfully enhancing lips for years now.

Whether your lips have always been naturally thinner or youre starting to notice the effects of age (more wrinkles and a deflated look), you can visit Juvia Med Spa for lip filler in Southlake and leave after just one session with natural looking, full, pouty lips.

Lip fillers are not permanent and do fade after a few months, but injections are affordable and take very little time to perform. Better yet, at Juvia Med Spa, we use microcannulas for all of our facial injections, making the process more effective, less likely to bruise, and more comfortable, too. If you want to make people catch their breath when you walk in the room, try one of our lip filler injections and see the amazing difference.

To find out more about lip fillers or to schedule a free consultation at Juvia Med Spa, call us today at 817-427-3700. Look and feel younger and more attractive with an easy and affordable lip enhancement session from Juvia Med Spa. You cant go wrong with beautiful, lush, youthful lips!