Clear Up Cherry Angiomas and Other Blemishes With Laser Treatments

By December 4, 2014Treatment

Have you ever noticed a pink, round blemish on your skin? Were not talking about pimples, but rather cherry angiomas. These mole-like skin growths are worrisome if you dont know what they are, and many people grow concerned when they see them, thinking they might be cancerous.

The good news is, cherry angiomas are usually not cancerous. If you notice one on your arm, back, or torso (where they usually appear), inspect it to make sure that it has a regular shape and that it isnt bleeding. If it changes in size, bleeds, or is irregular in shape, it might be a melanoma, but this is rare.

Nonetheless, like other blemishes, while they arent necessarily dangerous, theyre still unsightly. Fortunately, though, they can be removed with laser treatments. During the procedure, the laser is focused on the angioma, and its heat destroys it. After a few sessions, the angioma disappears entirely.

A similar laser treatment can be performed on spider veins, too. These unattractive, spidery lines appear under the skin, and, while theyre not dangerous, either, you still dont want to look at them every day. However, using a laser on either end of the affected vein effectively scarifies it and prevents blood flow. This causes the vein to shrivel and die. Once it does that, it will fade away from the skin and disappear entirely.

Laser treatments for these types of blemishes can take several sessions, but they are absolutely worthwhile. Think of all the times you look at a mole, an angioma, or a spider vein and wish that it were gone. Now think of getting rid of it in just a few laser treatment sessions.

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