What Is Rosacea and How Is It Treated?

By November 28, 2014Skin

If youve noticed what looks like a red rash on your face that doesnt itch but may contain small bumps and whiteheads, you probably have a case of rosacea. This skin condition can affect anyone, but it is most common in women with light complexions in their 30s to 50s.

If untreated, this condition will usually worsen, either spreading over more of the face or intensifying in color and texture over a period of weeks or months. It may then diminish in intensity before flaring up again. Rosacea almost never goes away on its own, and, unfortunately, there is no cure for the disorder. However, there are very effective treatments that you can find at a quality medical spa.

Laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion have all shown great improvements in cases of rosacea and are available at Juvia Med Spa, where we have a board certified medical director who oversees all medical procedures.

The underlying cause of rosacea is still unknown, but it can be aggravated by certain foods and environmental conditions. Some exacerbating factors include, but are not limited to:

Exposure to sunlight
Intense exercise
Temperature fluctuations
Spicy foods
Medication that dilates blood vessels (e.g., blood pressure drugs)

Knowing these things, after you get skin treatments to eliminate the effects of rosacea, you can prevent future flare-ups by avoiding these triggers. To learn more about treating rosacea and other skin disorders, call Juvia Med Spa today to schedule a free consultation with a medical professional. You can reach us at 817-427-3700. Our staff members are experts in medical procedures and hospitality. Give us a call today. We cant wait to help you look and feel younger and more attractive.