Medical Spa Treatments for Aged or Damaged Skin

By November 26, 2014Age Spots, Skin

If you spent too much time out in the sun without a hat or sun block when you were a kid, youre not alone. Youre also not the only one who picked at scabs or popped zits, and youre certainly not the only one walking around today as an adult with aged skin that makes you look older than your years. And, once again, youre not the only one looking for a solution to your aging skin problems.

Damaged skin can make you feel less attractive. It can ruin your confidence in your appearance, whether youre trying to advance your career or go on a successful date. If you have scars or sun damage on your face, though, you dont have to just get over it and live with them.

When you visit a high quality medical spa with a board certified medical director, youll be presented with a number of treatment options. Chemical peels and mud masks can exfoliate away dead and damaged skin cells and rejuvenate your pores. Microdermabrasion can buff away damaged and dull skin, leaving behind young, healthy skin cells.

If you have scar tissue, you can choose laser skin resurfacing to treat it and to help prevent future acne breakouts, too. After youve gotten rid of the scars and other damage that was aging your skin prematurely, you can maintain healthy, young skin with periodic facials and mask treatments.

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