Feel Great All Year Round With Allergy Testing and Treatment at Juvia Med Spa

Do you love spring and fall weather, but find yourself dreading the changing seasons? If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, most people who are afflicted by airborne and/or food allergens do not actually know which allergens affect them or how much.

People who suffer from airborne allergies may feel congested and get terrible headaches every spring, but the closest they can come to an explanation is, “Something bloomed, and now I’m miserable.” On the other hand, people with food allergies or sensitivities may not know what occasionally makes them sick when they eat at their favorite restaurant or when they’re dining at a friend’s house. This can lead to a great deal of suffering, but it really doesn’t have to.  Moreover, allergies can also prevent you from losing weight, sleeping well, affect your hair and nail growth, and can even decrease your libido.

More Than Just a Medical Spa

At Juvia Med Spa, we pride ourselves on being a true wellness center. To help our patients look and feel younger and healthier, we offer a wide selection of treatments and procedures for everything from skin and facial rejuvenation to body composition analysis and medical weight loss management. And now we offer even more for our patients in Dallas with allergy testing and treatments.

When you visit us for allergy testing, we will perform a skin-prick test that takes little time and gives great results. Basically, by placing a grid on an area of skin, we can expose each area of the grid to very small doses of specific allergens by pricking your skin with a needle. We can then pinpoint exactly which allergens you react to when you come in contact with them and determine what kind of treatment is best for you.

Effective Allergy Treatments Help You Breathe Easier

After we’ve diagnosed your specific allergies, we will then make recommendations to help not only alleviate your symptoms but to – in many cases – rid you of your allergies entirely. In many cases, a simple diet and/or lifestyle change can reduce your sensitivity to allergens. We may also recommend specific treatments and procedures to treat the root causes of your reactions, as well, so that you won’t ever have to reach for the anti-histamines again to fight your allergies, even in the worst hay fever season.

Insurance Covers Allergy Testing and Treatment

Plus, the allergy testing and treatment cost almost nothing, as they are covered by most insurance policies. And, if that doesn’t convince you, compare the low cost of diagnosis and treatment to the ongoing cost of allergy medications and anti-histamines, along with significantly decreased quality of life during allergy season.

Most people who suffer from allergies spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars each year trying to rid themselves of their symptoms. Bad allergy attacks can also result in missed days of work – not to mention how miserable you feel whenever your allergies are acting up. Why not visit your favorite wellness center in the Dallas area and get testing and treatment today?

Are you ready to say goodbye to your allergies? To find out more about allergy testing and the treatments we have available, call us at Juvia Med Spa today at 817-427-3700 to schedule your free consultation. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members is standing by to answer all of your questions and help you get started on the road to living an allergy-free life. Don’t suffer through another allergy season – call Juvia Med Spa today!

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