Managing Weight Loss with the Right Tools

Weight loss is never easy. If you havent ever lived an active lifestyle, and you dont know how to make healthy eating choices, youre at a serious disadvantage. You may have the dedication necessary to get the body and health that you want, but without the right tools, you might as well be trying to climb Mount Everest in a pair of sneakers and summer shorts.

Healthy weight loss management programs are based on a few simple principles.
First of all, when most people say they want to “lose weight,” what they mean is they want to lose fat. If you had a perfectly contoured and toned body, you wouldnt care about the number on the scale. Muscle weighs more per volume than fat, so your scale could be doing you a disservice.

Thats why so many doctors and nutritionists begin their patients and clients weight loss programs with a body composition analysis. The Inbody body analyzer is often used for this purpose by nutritionists and healthcare professionals, as well as private individuals. This tool uses radio frequencies and measurements of different parts of your body to determine your body fat percentage, as well as the percentage of your muscle mass youre carrying.

No two people are alike. Two women may both be 56” and weigh 140 pounds, but they may have totally different body compositions and metabolisms. One could be a runner with muscular legs and arms from cardiovascular and strength training, while the other has a higher body fat percentage. The same nutrition program will not work for both women.

People seeking weight loss treatment in Colleyville, Fort Worth and Southlake should take into account their body compositions, but they also need to think about their goals. Setting reasonable long- and short-term goals is one of the most basic elements in any weight loss program. Identifying these goals is often the first step, followed by a reduction in caloric intake and an increase in activity level.

Patients working with their doctors to lose weight should work to be as honest with themselves and their doctors as possible. Keeping an inaccurate food diary wont help you lose any weight. However, talking with your doctor or nutritionist about cravings and triggers ”“ situations that lead to poor health choices ”“ can help you get on the right track.

Weight loss management programs are often the best way for overweight and obese people to get in shape and get the bodies that theyve always dreamed of.

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