Medically Proven Fat Reduction at Juvia Med Spa

Have you recently gained weight due to pregnancy, hormonal changes, and/or age? Or do you feel like you’ve been struggling to lose fat all your life? Whether you’ve been frustrated with excess fat for a few months or several years, Juvia Med Spa has a safe, medically proven solution for you.

In addition to our other medical weight loss programs, treatments, and procedures, we also offer a variety of fat reduction pills that have been shown to be highly effective and completely safe when used under the supervision of a medical expert like our board-certified medical director. These medications each work in different ways to address your specific challenges with fat loss.

Appetite Suppressants

If you feel like you’re always hungry, even after you’ve just eaten a full meal, you may benefit from Adipex (phentermine) or Qsymia (phentermine/topiramate). This unique appetite suppressant does wonders to help curb cravings, and it is safe to use for patients who have high blood pressure or cholesterol and/or for patients living with diabetes.

Qsymia is made up of phentermine and topirimate, which is also used to treat seizures. Together, the two drugs act as an extended-release appetite suppressant. If you find that you have odd cravings or you feel hungry throughout the day, this could be the pill for you. Adipex and Qsymia are both most effective when used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program, and we highly recommend using either of them with one of our tailored medical weight loss programs for the fastest and healthiest results.

Chemical Treatment for Weight Maintenance

Some patients have also gotten great results from taking Meridia, which is not a traditional appetite suppressant. Instead, it actually alters and manages the chemicals in your brain that affect your ability to lose weight. Meridia is highly effective in treating obesity and reducing fat, especially when combined with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Fat Inhibitors

Finally, we also offer Xenical, which actually blocks a percentage of the fat you eat from being absorbed into your body. We prescribe Xenical to a lot of our patients who are in the process of losing weight, as well as to those who have already lost weight and are interested in keeping the pounds off. For those patients who have lost weight and are trying to keep it off, Xenical can be a great medication, especially if you are concerned with reducing your caloric intake without giving up some of your favorite foods.

Weight Loss Made Easy

Unfortunately, weight loss – and, in particular, fat loss – is almost never as simple as eating less and exercising more. However, it can be as simple as finding the right prescription and the proper diet and exercise plan. At Juvia Med Spa, we have the expertise to design a program just for you. Whether you’ve been struggling with excess weight your entire life or you’ve just recently gained unwanted weight, we can help you achieve your goals for your health and your appearance.

All of our treatments and procedures are overseen by our board-certified medical director, ensuring that your prescription(s) and weight loss program are safe and will provide you with a healthy means to lose fat. Are you tired of struggling to shed excess pounds? Would you like to learn how to keep the weight off once you’ve lost it? Call us at Juvia Med Spa today at 817-427-3700 to schedule your free consultation. We can’t wait to help you achieve your goals!

*Actual results my vary by patient.

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