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All of the content found on Juvia Med Spas website ”“ including text, images, and other materials ”“ is provided for informational purposes only. This content is by no means meant to act as a substitute for seeking professional medical assistance and/or advice. If you have medical concerns, always seek the assistance of a qualified physician or other healthcare provider.

While Juvia Med Spas site may contain materials and information related to health and medical practices, this information can in no way be used as a replacement for personal, professional care.

Some medical information contained within this website may be sexually explicit. This information is not intended, in any way, to be pornographic in nature. Rather, it is intended to be solely informational. Those offended by this material should consider themselves forewarned and should consider discontinuing use of this website.

 Liability Limitations

Juvia Med Spa may in no way be held liable for any damages ”“ whether they be indirect, direct, incidental, or consequential ”“ resulting from reading and utilizing the information provided in this website. Juvia Med Spa also may not be held liable for any such damages resulting from the use of services and/or products purchased from or recommended on this website.


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