Monthly Specials

Botox Treatment

Botox 20 Units:  $169
Botox 40 Units:  $338

What You’ll Get

During a pretreatment consultation, the doctor will discuss patients’ goals and treatment options, which may include injecting up to 40 units of Botox. If doctor determines the treatment isn’t appropriate for them, the patients’ purchase may be refunded.  Patients choose the areas they wish to target; common areas of concern tackled using Botox include frown lines between the brows, crow’s-feet, and forehead lines.

Dysport Treatment

Dysport 50 Units:  $145
Dysport 100 Units:  $285

Weight Loss Program

Choice of:
Weight Loss Program – 30 Days:  $99
Weight Loss Program – 60 Days:  $159

What You’ll Get

  • 30 Days – Consultation, In-Body Analysis, Four Slim Shots, Wellness Screen, and 30-Day Appetite Suppressant
  • 60 Days – Consultation, In-Body Analysis, Eight Slim Shots, Wellness Screen, and 60-Day Appetite Suppressant


  • Preliminary appointment
  • In-body analysis and body scan with BMI
  • Wellness screening
  • Personalized weight-loss consultation
  • Prescription for appetite suppressants


4 or 8 Vitamin B12 Injections, or 16 Lipo-Ignite B12 Injections

Choice of:

  • Four Vitamin B12 Injections: $39
  • Eight Vitamin B12 Injections: $69
  • 16 Lipo-Ignite B12 Injections: $109


Three, Six, or Nine Laser Lipo Treatments

Choice of:

  • Three Laser Lipo Treatments: $99
  • Six Laser Lipo Treatments: $179
  • Nine Laser Lipo Treatments: $249

Body composition analysis with body fat percentage and basic metabolic rate calculation is included and complimentary.

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