Pixel Laser Resurfacing Can Give Your Face a New Lease on Youth

Pixel laser resurfacing is on the lips of a lot of dermatologists and happy skin care clients. If youve ever experienced how painful and emotionally taxing it can be to have scarred or heavily damaged skin, youll understand why. Whether you have a case of deep hyperpigmentation, a visible scar, heavily weathered skin, or any other skin imperfections that no other skin treatment can help, you should check out how well pixel laser skin treatments can work for you.

This treatment is a minimally invasive surgery. You will be given a nerve block and local anesthetic to numb the area where your doctor will be applying the laser. This is because the process is not otherwise a painless one. Essentially, for laser resurfacing, your doctor will use a laser to emit brief pulses of very high-energy light that are absorbed by the chromophores and water molecules in your skin.

As it binds with these molecules, the light gets transformed into heat energy, and it vaporizes extremely thin (usually microscopic) strips of damaged skin, one layer at a time. This process not only gets rid of the damaged skin, making you look older or making you feel self conscious about your appearance, but it also stimulates collagen production.

That means that the new skin that grows in and heals over where the laser melted away the old skin will look younger, brighter, and more supple. If you have acne scars, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, redness, and/or lines and wrinkles that you cant seem to get rid of, and you live in Fort Worth and Southlake, a pixel laser resurfacing expert should be available in your area. You might also want to look for medical spas that perform pixel laser skin treatments in Colleyville.

In addition to rejuvenating your skin, you may also notice, after your skin has healed, that your pores appear smaller and more restricted. With proper care, your skin will show fewer breakouts, and it will look younger and firmer for years to come.

Be sure to follow your skin care specialists instructions after treatment, though. There isnt a lot of downtime after laser resurfacing, and results can be seen very quickly. However, as your skin is healing, it will be much more susceptible to sun damage. You dont want to undo all of the good that youve just done for your skin, so be sure to double up on your sun protection regimen and follow your doctors orders to the very last detail.

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