Invest in the Best Skin Care Products for Your Face

Skin care products aren’t something most people think about until after they need to start using them. When you were a kid, the most thought you gave to your skin and taking care of it was probably when your mom insisted you really scrub when you took a bath and when you got sun burnt from a day at the beach without sunscreen.

You might have paid a bit more attention as a teen or in your twenties, but it was probably still very easy to forget to use moisturizers, serums, and the right cleansers on a regular basis. When your skin feels smooth and young, you don’t think much about keeping it that way. Its not until it starts showing its age that you start to think about which products are best for it.

There are a number of products you can invest in to make your face, arms, and legs feel and look younger and smoother, and you can talk to a dermatologist about which skin products are best for you.

First and foremost, you’ll want a good facial cleanser. Normal soap has detergent in it, which is too harsh for the skin on your face. It will leave your skin feeling tight and dry. That tight feeling is not cleanliness; its actually your skin feeling parched and asking for hydration. Using a good, moisturizing facial cleanser can help.

Next, a good serum or moisturizer, containing vitamin C and hyaluronic acid will help keep your skin plump and prevent sagging. Vitamin C is essential to producing collagen, which keeps your skin soft and elastic. Hyaluronic acid binds with water molecules and helps keep your skin moisturized for long periods of time.

In addition to your normal serum and/or moisturizer, you should invest in an eye serum. These amazing products will help keep the thin and delicate skin around your eyes soft and supple, free of wrinkles and crows feet. They can also help alleviate under-eye bags and dark circles.

Talk to your doctor about what to look for when you’re shopping for skin care products in Colleyville. The most expensive products are not always the best choice, but you shouldn’t choose products based solely on price. You’re investing in a youthful and vibrant face.

We are proud to offer professional grade products and would love to talk to you about your skin care regiment today.

*Actual results may vary by patient.


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