The signs of aging can creep on to our faces before we realize it is happening. Where we once had smooth foreheads and bright, youthful eyes, we “seemingly overnight” have worry lines, crows feet, sagging cheeks and chins. For many years, the only remedy for an aging, wrinkled, and sagging face was surgical treatment. Then, injection treatments, such as muscle relaxers and dermal fillers were developed.

Since its approval by the FDA in 2009, U.S. medical spas have been sharing this amazing treatment with their patients, but it’s been successfully used in South America and Europe since the 1990s.

What sets Dysport apart from Botox? Although they’re both made with the same substance, Dysport has been shown to be longer-lasting and faster-acting. It also has a larger active area around the injection point, meaning that you need fewer anti-wrinkle injections with Dysport treatment than you would with Botox treatments.

You can choose Dysport treatments to arrest and even reverse the effects of aging on your face. How do they work? When you smile, laugh, frown, or squint, your face makes repeated motions that create creases, fine lines, and eventually wrinkles. With this kind of injection therapy, the muscles around your mouth and eyes are relaxed and deadened so that they don’t move as much.

If your muscles cannot move enough to create those creases and lines, wrinkles will not form as quickly, if at all. Add a periodic dermal filler injection to Dysport therapy, and you can by one of the many in the Dallas- Fort Worth and Colleyville area who enjoy younger, plumper skin for years to come.

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* Actual results may vary by patient.

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