Lip Filler Injections for Plump, Kissable Lips

Very few women were born lucky enough to have shapely, full lips like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson, and other beautiful celebrities. Many of us rely on lip color and gloss and plumping agents, and yet were still not happy with our thin, chicken lips. Even women who were born with full lips experience deflation and wrinkling as they get older. Its a sad fact of life, except there is now a way to fight back. Lip filler injections could be your answer to shapely, full, soft, totally kissable lips.
Lip enhancement injections, also called hyaluronic acid fillers, are performed to increase the volume of your lips, but thats not all. Depending on the placement and volume of the injection, they can also help give you the shape and structure you want in your lips.

If you are concerned about looking as if you’ve “had some work done,” you can choose to get lip filler over several appointments, spaced long enough apart that there won’t be a dramatic difference in your appearance from one day to the next.

Choosing to have your injections performed over several appointments will also give you time to decide how much filler you actually want. After your first injections, you may feel, at first, like youve reached the volume and shape that you want, but after a week, you may decide that you want more. You also may think that you want more volume at first, but decide the opposite after going about your daily life with your new lip size and shape.

Among the benefits of hyaluronic lip fillers, you’ll notice that there’s less bruising with this procedure than there is with some other dermal fillers. There is no downtime for recovery, so you can go straight back to your normal routine after your appointment. The effects of the enhancement are not permanent, but injections tend to last for about 6 months, meaning you’ll only need to get injections twice a year to maintain beautiful, volumized lips.

When considering lip augmentation, you should know that injections aren’t recommended for anyone with diabetes, lip infections, lupus, or problems with blood clotting. Normal side effects include minor bruising and/or bleeding from injection points just after the procedure. More serious side effects are incredibly rare, and your doctor will discuss them and your risks with you before performing any injections.

*Actual results may vary by patient.

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