Laser Tattoo Removal Is Your Best Bet for Erasing Mistakes

More and more people are opting for laser tattoo removal. Why? Well, getting your high school sweethearts name tattooed on your upper arm may have seemed like a really great gesture at the time. You may have thought a lifetime love of dolphins would mean a lifetime love of a dolphin jumping over a rainbow on your lower back. That tribal armband with the barbed wire spikes looked really hardcore in 1998. You get the idea.

Whether a tattoo has become marred over the years from sun exposure, or you want to forget it altogether, there are a few things to consider when you’re thinking about removing or covering up your tattoo. First of all, the oldest method for removing a tattoo is dermabrasion, which removes all of the layers of skin in the area of the tattoo. This is incredibly painful and can lead to scarring.

If you’re looking for a service for tattoo removal in Fort Worth and Southlake, you may run into some places offering to match your skin color and just tattoo over the area with that color. This is usually ineffective, as it is very difficult to match the exact color, and it does not account for tanning in the summer, scarring, and darker ink that wont cover well.

There are even creams for sale that claim to let you rub away your tattoos at home. These haven’t been proven to be very effective. They usually just blur the tattoo but do not remove it. Some people have problems with allergic reactions to these harsh creams, too.

Of all of the options out there, laser removal is really the least painful and least likely to leave any kind of scar. The procedure is done over a series of visits. You’ll be given protective eyewear, and the doctor performing the procedure will target the area with pulses of concentrated light. This breaks up the ink into tiny fragments, which your immune system clears away as you heal.

Larger tattoos and tattoos that have created scarring on the skin will generally take more treatments to completely remove than smaller tattoos. You’ll have to be careful if you need multiple sessions. Talk to your doctor about how long to space out appointments when you go for a laser tattoo removal procedure in Colleyville. Multiple sessions within a short amount of time may result in scarring. If you are patient, though, the whole process could result in no scars at all and fully healed, clear skin.

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