Vampire Facelift

The Vampire Facelift is gaining a lot of popularity among celebrities and normal people who want to fight the signs of aging in their faces. When most people think of treatments for sagging facial features, they think of invasive surgery, cutting away excess skin and stretching whats left for a more youthful look. This kind of procedure is effective, but its also time consuming. As with any surgery, a traditional facelift requires recovery time.

Dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and skin care specialists have been working on better treatments to combat the signs of aging. Though it has a name that sounds like something out of a horror movie, the Vampire Facelift is actually a very safe and effective, non-surgical facelift treatment.

The treatment gets its name from the fact that its derived from your own blood. When you choose to get a Vampire Facelift in Fort Worth and Southlake, your doctor will take some of your blood and isolate its platelet-rich-plasma (PRP). This will be mixed with some other nutrients that will help promote blood flow to your skin. The mixture will be injected into your face, in the areas that you want to rejuvenate, and you’ll notice younger, healthier skin.

If you are unsure about using your own blood to rejuvenate your face, and you don’t have the time to rest and recover from a traditional facelift, there are other alternatives, as well. The liquid facelift is gaining more and more popularity with busy people who want youthful looks without the surgery.

A liquid facelift treatment involves a series of injections of Botox or Dysport to relax the muscles around the wrinkles and lines. Then dermal filler injections are performed to fill in those fine lines and wrinkles. Liquid facelift procedures are usually performed over a series of visits, taking between 6 and 12 weeks to complete.

In that time, you won’t need any extra time to rest or recuperate, and your skin care specialist will walk you through the proper cleansing and moisturizing regimen to keep your skin looking youthful and moist for years to come. With treatments like these, proper sun protection, and good skin care habits, you can get the same youthful results without taking any time off of work. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!

* Actual results may vary by patient.

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