Skin Peel Treatments Remove Old Skin and Leave Behind a Fresh Face

A lot of people are getting skin peel treatments in Fort Worth and Southlake. Why have these seemingly harsh treatments become so popular? Well, in short, its because they work. It may seem counterintuitive to peel or sand away the top layers of your dermis to get younger looking skin. However, this is a proven method for soft, supple skin. You see, the top layer of your skin has been exposed to damaging UV rays, free radicals, and all kinds of toxins in the air. Its taken the brunt of the blow of all of the aging factors in your environment.

Furthermore, the top layer of your skin, your epidermis, is made up of dead and damaged skin cells. These cells give you dull, flaky looking skin as they hang onto your face. Dont let them hang on, and youll notice a brighter, younger complexion in very little time. You can do a great deal for your face by using a mild facial cleanser with exfoliating properties and scrubbing away all of the dirt and grime daily, but this isnt enough to really let your features shine.

Of the skin peel treatments in Fort Worth that youll find, microdermabrasion and chemical peels are likely the most common. When you choose microdermabrasion, your skin care specialist will spray a fine mist of tiny crystals all over your face. Think of it as the gentlest sand blasting on earth. That spray of crystals will blast away all of your dead and damaged cells, leaving behind young, fresh, and beautiful skin.

If you choose to get a chemical peel, youll have a mask-like layer spread over your face and left in place for a set amount of time. The chemicals in the mixture are usually made up of enzymes and antioxidants that eat away at dead skin cells and free radicals. If youre looking for a great addition to your skin care, a chemical peel in Colleyville is a great idea.

You can buy kits to do chemical peels at home, but we really dont recommend these without talking to your dermatologist or skin care expert first. If youve never done a chemical peel before, you could very easily leave it on for too long or mix the ingredients incorrectly. This can result in damaged skin, which is the very last thing you want when youre trying to perform a skin treatment on yourself. If you have any doubts at all, call the professionals for younger, more beautiful skin in no time.

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