Endymed PRO Skin Tightening Can Boost Your Confidence and Your Face

New skin tightening treatments are in development every day. One of our favorites, right now, is Endymed PRO Skin Tightening, and Colleyville and Fort Worth, Colleyville and Southlake have medical spas that offer it. Its not as dramatic a difference as a facelift, but youll see immediate results that you cant get from topical creams and serums.

If your face is beginning to show signs of aging, like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging cheeks and brows, youve probably been thinking about what you can do to slow down or (hopefully) stop and reverse the process. Moisturizers and serums packed with hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and nutrients can help slow the process, but they cant turn back time. You might consider a facelift, but this surgery takes time to recover from and is often noticeable in ways that you probably wont appreciate.

While everyone wants to look younger, no one wants to look like theyve had work done. Endymed PRO Skin Tightening has been called a lunch break treatment because, as you probably guessed, you can literally go to your skin rejuvenation appointment on your lunch break and go straight back to work with no downtime for recovery at all.

How does this kind of treatment work? Other treatments use light or radio frequencies to repair damaged skin and stimulate collagen production. Endymeds skin tightening treatment uses extreme heat applied to the sub-dermal layers of the skin. This immediately affects and stimulates the collagen in your skin, tightening the skin on your face and giving you a younger, firmer looking and feeling face.

Unlike some laser and radio frequency treatments, which penetrate very deep into the skin, this treatment is not painful at all. You also wont look dramatically different after your first visit. Youll notice a big difference after a series of visits, and everyone around you will notice that youre looking younger, fitter, and more refreshed. However, because it is a gradual change over a series of appointments, no one will suspect cosmetic surgery of any kind.

Endymeds procedures can be performed on the face, but they can also be performed on loose skin on the rest of the body. If, for example, youve lost weight, but your skin has not shrunken back, this kind of treatment will help tighten it to look toned and healthy. Unlike tummy tucks and other surgical procedures, theres no recovery time, and you can get back to your daily routine immediately.

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