Dysport or Botox ”“ Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to botulinum toxin injections, everyone knows about Botox. In fact, most people think its the only muscle relaxer treatment to fight the effects of fine lines and wrinkles. However, theres another type of treatment out there. Face Dysport treatment is an injection of abobotulinum toxin A. The two treatments have been likened to a couple of well-known competing cola companies.

The botulinum toxins used in Botox and cosmetic Dysport treatment are slightly different, but they act in the same way. They are both derivatives of the botulinum toxin, purified to be safe for use as cosmetic injections.

Dysport injections are most often performed to slacken the tension in the muscles you use to furrow your brow. When you frown or furrow your brow, you create worry lines on your forehead and two vertical lines between your eyes. If you want to decrease these signs of stress and aging, Dysport injections will relax the muscles and prevent the lines from deepening.

You can get Dysport injections early to avoid the formation of these lines at all. However, if you wait until the lines have already formed, these injections will not actually erase them. However, combining muscle relaxer injections with dermal fillers or microdermabrasion can actually take the lines out of your face, altogether.

If youre making the decision between treatments, Botox has been around longer and has a well known reputation. On the other hand, a lot of patients have reported seeing faster results with Dysport injections. It also has a more natural look, allowing for a little bit more muscle movement than Botox treatments allow.

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, one size does not fit all. Patients have different facial structures, different desires, and different expectations. Many people associate Botox treatments with a completely immobilized face and the inability to show emotion. This isnt actually the case at all, especially when you choose face Dysport treatment in Colleyville, you can choose more or less mobilization in the muscles for a more natural look that suits you better.

Looking at before and after photos of patients whove gotten cosmetic Dysport in Fort Worth can help you make the right decision for your face. Dysport injections will still allow you to make facial expressions, and you can discuss the proper amount and kind of treatment for a both youthful and expressive face.

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