Laser Alternative to Liposuction

For years and years, people who wanted to resculpt and contour their bodies had no other choice but invasive surgeries, like liposuction. Now, thanks to laser treatments and advanced technology, there are some exciting alternatives. While you cannot spot reduce fat on your body with exercise and diet, you can do it with I-lipo laser treatments.

I-lipo combines a number of procedures into one, non-invasive, easy, and painless process. It uses the fat reducing abilities of low-level laser and radio frequency technologies, along with superior vacuum massage techniques to create amazing effects. Many people choose this type of procedure because it involves no needlesor surgery. That means theres no downtime for recovery, either. The procedure usually takes about 20 minutes per session, and some patients only need a single session.

Zerona laser lipo treatments work similarly, with low-level lasers directed at problem areas to melt away cellulite and underlying fat in very little time and with no pain or recovery time. Both of these treatments are very popular with people who have just a little bit more fat to melt away, after they’ve lost a lot of weight, and/or undergone body contouring procedures.

The success of these procedures is instantly measurable. Patients who choose this route for losing fat can see, as soon as they are finished with their session, a difference in inches from their waist, arms, legs, buttocks, or any other problem areas they chose to have treated.

Both Zerona and I-lipo treatments are done without anesthesia, as they are painless procedures that don’t require any recovery time. Patients often spend their 20-40 minute appointments reading magazines and relaxing. While some treatments can be done in a single appointment, most are conducted in a series of visits over a 2-week period.

Many patients in medically managed weight loss treatment programs either choose to jumpstart their progress or finish it off with these non-invasive, advanced alternatives to liposuction. Because their doctors are managing their weight loss program, they must have medical approval before undergoing any procedures to contour their bodies.

Doctors prefer non-invasive procedures like these to surgical procedures like liposuction because they do not shock the system and dont require the patient to be sedentary while they recover. Patients undergoing these laser treatments can be as active as they like, before and after treatment.

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* Actual results may vary by patient.

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