Why a Body Composition Analyzer Is More Helpful Than a Scale

People always talk about losing weight, but this is a really inaccurate way to put it. No one wants to lose muscle mass, and there is a medical term for losing bone mass. Doctors call that osteoporosis, and its very dangerous. Now, when people say they want to lose weight, what they mean is they want to lose fat. A body composition analyzer can help people determine how much fat they actually need to lose and what the rest of their body is made of.

Picture, for a moment, two men who are the same height and weight. They are both 6-foot-2-inches tall. They both weigh 250 pounds. Do they both need to lose weight? You might think so, at first, but lets look a little closer. The first man ”“ lets call him Bob ”“ has a 40-inch waistline. His hobbies include watching football and home-brewing beer. Bob probably has a pretty high body fat percentage and could lose quite a few pounds.

Now, lets look at the second man ”“ we’ll call him Bill. Every day, when he gets off work, Bill runs 3 miles and spends an hour in the gym working on strength training. His waist measurement is 32 inches, and he has a resting heart rate of 55 beats per minute. Do we still think that Bill needs to lose weight? Probably not.

These are two extreme cases. Most people living in the United States should probably shed a few pounds, as the statistics for obesity in our country have been on the rise for years now. If you don’t know what percentage of your body is fat and what percentage of it is muscle, you can learn these numbers and get a better idea of the right weight loss program for you by visiting a doctor or nutritionist or purchasing your own body composition analyzer.

Even knowing this information, though, is not enough for most people. People who seek out body treatment in Colleyville, Fort Worth and Southlake are able to ask physicians, nutritionists and/or fitness experts about programs that are right for them. These experts are trained in laying out customized plans for their patients and clients, with realistic expectations and goals for fitness and future health.

Getting healthy and reaching your goals isnt always as simple as eating a little bit less and moving a little bit more. Thats why specialists train in body composition and health plans to help their clients and patients.

*Actual results may vary by patient.

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